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Featured Member - Sabine Pollock

Sabine joined us 9 months ago as she was looking to improve her running for a triathlon she had entered. Turn the clock forward and she is only weeks away from participating in the Berlin Marathon! Her dedication has been inspiring & we love having her positive vibe at sessions. Read on for some Q&A's with the lady herself.....

Why did you start running? I started running because it was an easy way of exercising. All you need is a good pair of shoes Occupation Registered Nurse/Midwife Running Goal My running goal is to keep running as long as I keep enjoying it. To improve some times and complete my first Marathon. I hope my kids get something out of it too - they see their parents go for a run and it’s just a normal part of life Goal in Berlin My goal in Berlin is firstly to finish, time wise I would love to come in under 4:30. Just thinking about being at the start line is exciting enough PB for 10km & Half Marathon

10km 52.10 Half 1:58 Favourite place to run Along the coast or along the river Favourite session The track..makes me feel like I’m a little kid again What you like about Perth Running Club All the coaches always greet us with a smile. I have met such fantastic people at the club over the last year that turning up for a session is as much about the running as it is about catching up with some friends. Everyone has their own goals and reasons for a running, and the club has an environment where that is recognised and supported by everyone else. It’s a fun place to be! Ultimate holiday Family holiday somewhere in the snow and involves skiing or snowboarding. Preferably LOTS of powdery fluffy snow Eagles or Freo Eagles

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